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Welcome to the world's largest Holly Hobbie web site!

This web site is dedicated to Holly Hobbie the artist, her artwork, and collectibles!

My name is Karen, and I'm your guide to Holly Hobbie. I'd like to tell you a little about myself, and why I started this web site. I started collecting Holly Hobbie as a little girl back in 1973. My mom dressed me to look just like Holly Hobbie and entered me in a Holly Hobbie look-a-like contest. I won 1st place, and have collected and loved Holly Hobbie ever since. That's almost 40 years of collecting! The reason I started this web site is to offer a free Holly Hobbie collector's guide which you can find on the left by going through the post archives. You can find oodles of Holly Hobbie information. I've had people email me saying they spent a couple hours looking around and still didn't see everything. I really enjoy working on the web site and letting others learn more about Holly Hobbie and her artwork.

Below are three photos from the contest.

Above: I am the little girl on the left with my mom standing behind me. Photo taken in 1973.

Above: In the left picture, I am dressed as the Holly Hobbie blue girl. Photo taken in 1973.
On the right is the blue girl artwork...

Below are pictures from my childhood.

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